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Blog "Travel ● Cook ● Optimize" 


Why did we create this blog?

It was made for those who prefer to travel solo or with friends, to find new route or the first trip, flights, hotel, or an excursion.


Which countries, routes, destinations will we cover in our travel blog?

All interesting routes around Ukraine and beautiful places in other countries. We just hope that you will be interested to find out how was actually built the famous Opera House in Australia.

travel-blog, tour to istanbul

Or perhaps you lookining for variant of an air ticket to Turkey, to walk through the ancient streets of Istanbul and drink a traditional Turkish drink - the Bosa.


Or wish to plunge into an adventure on safari in South Africa and meet the "Big Five".

independent travel to South Africa

It's nice some times just relax and enjoy the morning coffee and croissant at a table in a cozy Parisian cafe, admire the beautiful paintings in the galleries of Florence or visit Rome.


To find yourself we need to change something: like learning history of another country or admire the beauty of nature in Montenegro, try delicious chocolate or check the clock in Switzerland, sing with the bright birds in the tropical forests of Costa Rica and realize how amazing that moment.

travel-blog, individual travel to tropical countries

So what about our travel blog?

Of course, it's about travel and all the points that will be useful when someone decides to planning own trip. We'll write as much as possible about most interesting live stories and recommendations, guides of the main sights.

Let's watch how the builders repair the famous Big Ben in London.

travel-blog, london. big ben

What else?

Of course, in our travel blog, we'll not overlook organizational issues: documents, visas, insurance, laws and other details.

Transport, flight, relocation. It's remains a rather costly part of the traveler, so we will share information about saving on airfare, the rates of low-cost carriers, tips for trips by buses and railways - as much as possible of real useful recommendations.

travel-blog, visas, documents for traveller, tickets

We will talk about unusual hotels on open air and in ice caves, hotels on trees and in trailers. We hope that on the pages of our travel blog you will find many exciting stories, tourism news, unusual museums, jokes and recipes for a delicious Sunday lunch (wherever it will be)

And further?

Inspiration for personal travel and even promotion of the hotel site or advertising your travel site.


Let's mix dreams with uncharted reality and plunge into a new adventure!