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South Africa. Places, cities and resorts to see in South Africa.

Safari Tour in South Africa:

Extreme for the strong spirit A few years ago, the phrase "safari tour" gave rise to in our minds the image of the wild hunt in Africa, where the crowd of men in camouflage raced after the frightened animal. But civilization is stepped on, and today is a special tour of the safari vacation in Africa, a journey through Africa and its reserves in order to study and observe the life of animals in their natural habitat. What's the big deal? Some may ask, "But how does this differ from the banal trip to the zoo?

Why make the trip to Africa?

" Safari tour - is not just a "trip to the zoo," it is a few days spent in it. Similar tours to Africa often mean residence in the territory of nature reserves in the immediate vicinity of the walking of animals: elephants, giraffes, gazelles, zebras. Just imagine the morning somewhere in the plains of South Africa: You wake up, stretching, go to the threshold of your room, you can see the silhouette of table mounting in the distance in the fog, and very close to the little elephant breakfast your flowerbed. So cute) Additional bonuses If you still have doubts, a number of bonuses given below exactly tempt you toward the right decision!

• Firstly, South, East and Central Africa are the areas of visa-free for many countries.

• To become better acquainted with the residents of the shroud, you can also go to the sea, adding to its exotic journey beach holiday touch.

Author: Anna Mikhailovskaya - Travel blogger, introvert.
Anna has an international IATA certificate, a son, a daughter, 2 Scottish cats 
and 10 years of travel experience.

Date Published: 2019-08-28
Date Modified: 2019-11-07