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Tour to Europe: Dispelling the Myths

Tour to EuropeBeautiful scenery, great food and a huge amount of interest from different times - that's what attracts Europe real travelers. Since Ukraine is geographically belongs to this part of the world, we have the opportunity to enjoy its charms at relatively low prices. European tour - it's a great opportunity to visit the place of the glory that we have heard since childhood, read in the history books, and we hear regularly in the news.

Myth or truth?

So, what's true and what is fiction or fact outdated travel to Europe as of 2016.

  • Tour to Europe: Dispelling the MythsVisas as a stumbling block. Many do not want to go to Europe because of the reluctance to tinker with visas or ignorance of the details of this procedure. And these fears are vain! Employees of our TA "Athena" always advise you about the documents and pick up exactly the journey, the visa for which will provide you with a minimum of hassle! In addition, the introduction of biometrics in this year has simplified the procedure for obtaining visas in 2016.
  • Europe - it's expensive! Nothing like this! For traveling on the bus have the opportunity to see more and at a lower cost. Basically, all the things to do in Western Europe will start from Lviv, there are options to Kiev. In 2016, it planned a series of tours in Europe from Odessa, which is an excellent option for the residents of the south of the country and especially our Nikolaev. Due to the location of Nikolaev on the bus from the city it is difficult to go to Europe. But residents Nikolaeva not be discouraged, because the bulk of the tours with departure from Kiev or Lvov also includes a tour of this wonderful city!
  • The language barrier. Everyone knows that, despite the strengthening of the position of the English in the international arena, Europeans still prefer to speak in their native languages. But do not be afraid of misunderstanding or confusion! Europeans - very educated and friendly, especially towards tourists, so always try to help and understand, even though the language barrier.

Therefore, if you have not planned a vacation for 2016, be sure to include a trip to Europe!