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From winter to summer

EgyptMan - a being unstable; in summer we want to winter, and winter - summer. Even in the New Year's holidays, many do not dream to meet at the Christmas tree, and in the warmth of the sun. So if you want after the Christmas weekend to surprise colleagues glowing tan, then trips to warmer climates in the winter just for you!

Where to look for the summer?

So, a number of areas of the world where you expect the warmest conditions:

  • Arab EmiratesEgypt. Total 2-3 hours away you will find one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which today is the main supplier of the summer for winter tourists from Eastern Europe.
  • Arab Emirates. Especially it is necessary to visit them in the winter in February and January, during the internationally renowned sales, where they still grander than in Europe. However, the rest on the warm shores of the country may not suit all, both the pricing policy (although not the cheapest), and according to the rules of behavior, especially with regard to the Christmas holidays.
  • Thailand. Probably the most smiling country in the world where the New Year's holidays you can spend in a unique atmosphere. It is also highly recommended to take a tour of the islands, and spend at least one day away from the rest of the world. Believe me, these places you will not see anywhere else!

These are the top three most popular destinations, but there are many other different options! Please contact our travel agency "Athena" and we always offer you several options to choose from.

What you should know in search of summer?

Many believe that the high prices for tours in the summer is their main shortcomings. Yes, the prices bite, especially if it is almost akin to us Egypt bored and want to distant exotic island. But there is always the opportunity to take advantage of early booking, if you know in advance the date of your holiday, or you can buy a hot tour.

ThailandBut in the euphoria of a close encounter with the beach, the sun and the sea, the ocean, do not lose vigilance! If, during the holiday resorts our latitudes enough to use sunscreen to protect yourself from health problems, in this case, you should remember a few helpful tips. Firstly, it should be a day or two to spend on something that the body used to the new weather conditions and time zone. Try a long time is in the sun and go to sleep as much as possible after sunset.

Because we do not talk about Europe, but about those whose culture and cuisine are very different from ours, you should also pay attention to these points. By sending our tourists on holiday, the travel agency team of "Athena" always pays special attention to is familiar with the basic nuances of the culture and customs of the country trip.

Of course, in the round, we certainly want to taste the local dishes, because it's part of the excitement and emotion! Physicians are advised to familiarize themselves with local cuisine gradually over three days. The first is best to eat rice and tea, the second can already add something delicious with local dishes, composed of familiar ingredients, and only a third can be a little trying local delicacies, unusual for our body. It sounds a bit boring, but good for your health!