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We, as in Greece, has it all!

Not always we have the time or money for something to go see the sights of ancient Europe or the modern achievements of Dubai. And what to do in that case?

Everything is very simple! Embark on a journey through his native Ukraine! After all, if you look, we have everything, but at a cost much lower.

We are looking for last-minute trips to Ukraine!


So, what excursions are possible in Ukraine, and why they are not worse than the tours of Europe? Let's look at a few options and that they include:

  1. LvovOf course, start with the Carpathians. Guided tours in the summer, skiing in winter, outdoor recreation, various festivals, sporting events - that is just not found! By the way, the price of the tour in this case the range that allows each of us to find fun to taste and wallet!
  2. If you do not want nature and sights and stories, then welcome to the capital city of Kiev and Lviv beloved. To get to these cities is easy by bus or train to Nikolayev and Odessa. On the banks of the Dnieper River is located one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Kiev. Here the central streets reminiscent of Vienna's neighborhoods, on the green slopes shining domes of the churches, and in the night lights shining garlands of bridges connecting the left and right banks.
  3. Instead tours of Europe can offer hot tour in Lviv! After his ancient architecture in the Austro-Hungarian style is so different from our usual buildings and structures. Be sure to walk around the streets of cobblestone, try with strudel local coffee and enjoy the view of ancient temples and churches from the ruins of the High Castle.
  4. Speaking of castles! If you are attracted Noshvayshtayn with logos "Disney" is not necessarily to go abroad. Go to Lutsk, the castle of Westminster; Karpaty take a look at the walls of the castle of Mukachevo; touch the age-old power of Khotyn fortress or watch jousting in Belgorod-Dniester fortress. By the way, there are bus tours to Belgorod-Dniester with Nikolayev and Odessa.
  5. Shatsky LakesOf course, we can not not mention the pearl of the sea - Odessa. Here, you and nature, architecture, and history, and the rest by the sea - just "all inclusive", though, in the Odessa manners ... By the way, in 2016 it is expected to recover maritime passenger traffic to Istanbul, so is the ability to dilute their holidays a little cruise.
  6. But if the beach vacation you do not like, you are invited to relax in the shade of old forests on the banks of Synevyr or Shatskikh lakes. This direction has become a new hit in the summer season of 2015, so in 2016 the number of rounds in Volyn region will only increase! In your vacation will include not only swimming in lakes and accommodation with meals, but also hiking in the woods looking for mushrooms, berries, fishing, water sports and excursions by bus to neighboring Belarus.
  7. Why do we Versailles and Peterhof, if we have a park "Alexandria" and "Sofiyivka" - the legacy of the great love? And Pidhirtsi, Zolochiv, Vishnevsky, Buceatchi, Tulchin and Sharovsky castles!
  8. Bug and Dniester Canyon, "Askania Nova" Nadsluchansky Park, Podolsk Tovtry and many other natural attractions invite you to rest!

Many of these attractions are available by bus from Nikolayev, also tours to Ukraine can often be found among burning, which greatly saves on the cost. Keep this in mind when planning your holidays in 2016!